Maia and What Matters

590.00 ฿

Author Tine Mortier
Illustrator Kaatje Vermeire
Translator David Colmer

Maia is an impatient little scamp. When something pops into her head, she wants it. Now! Right this minute! Her grandma’s just the same and they get along like a house on fire. One day Grandma falls ill and loses her control over words. The grown-ups don’t seem to understand her, but Maia never loses sight of her strong, wonderful grandma and knows exactly what she means.

A beautiful and accessible book about the enduring relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter in the face of illness and ageing

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Publisher : Book Island
Publishing date: October 2013
Language : English
Pages : 32
Interest age : 5+
Dimensions : 330 x 225 mm

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